DreadLore System

What's a DreadLore?

DreadLore is a story-telling tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) system  which is setting agnostic – you can use these rules for many different sorts of games,  Fantasy, Near future, Horror, Noir, Adventure, etc.

The DreadLore Corebook presents an original, Fantasy Punk setting – Craster.  We are also publishing various "Splat" books for different settings, at present, a near  future setting called "Into Space."  If you enjoy taking a role in the  creative process of story-telling, and you also wanna roll some dice and kill bad  (or good) guys…chances are – this is the system for you.

What's a TTRPG?

Ever heard of a Table-Top RolePlaying Game (TTRPG)? e.g. Dungeons & Dragons,  World of Darkness, Numenera, etc.? DreadLore is a similar sort of board game. These  games are classified in several ways: table-top games, pen & ink, RPGs, and silly  dice games.

Most systems are comprised of a 'Setting' (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) and a list of  'Core Mechanics' (how the numbers & math work in the game). TTRPGs also require  a storyteller, called an Arbiter in DreadLore, in addition to 2-6 Players to play.


Actual Play / Livestreamed Campaigns




Characters Forge the Story


DreadLore merch is here!  RedBubble. Check out the current design options - click on one to see merch that's offered, e.g. t-shirts, hats, bags, etc.!



Our DreadLore Livestreams podcast is where we showcase DreadLore as a new TTRPG system. We livestream every Monday 7PM (EST) on  Twitch.  DreadLore TotM is now on all of the podcasts: Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.  Be sure to Like, Subscribe, Follow, leave a Comment, send us good vibes, perform a blood sacrifice, or  whatever you feel comfortable doing!

Geeky Gamer Podcast (GGP)

Our Geeky Gamer Podcast (GGP) goes LIVE on  YouTube.  You can also LISTEN to us on Spotify  or wherever you consume your Podcasts.
 A featured Guest chat with Bill, Ken, members of the Cast of TotM about all things geeky, gamer, and creative. We really dig into it, so be sure to wear your "daddy pants" when listening!


Lexington Comic & Toy Convention 2023

Come and see us at  ComiCon  in Lexington, KY March 23-26 this year. We will be sharing a booth with our buddy,  Logan Nance, the author of the DreadLore Prologue, 'A Land Soaked in Tears', as well as novels like,  Saturday Shepherd and the World Beyond.

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