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DreadLore is an immersive, narrative tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG), built around an original Fantasy Punk setting. If you enjoy taking a role in the creative process of story-telling, and you also wanna roll some dice and kill bad (or good) guys…chances are – this is the system for you.


Ever heard of a Table-Top RolePlaying Game (TTRPG)? e.g. Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, Numenera, etc.? DreadLore is a similar sort of board game. These games are classified in several ways: table-top games, pen & ink, RPGs, and silly dice games.

Most systems are comprised of a 'Setting' (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) and a list of 'Core Mechanics' (how the numbers & math work in the game). TTRPGs also require a storyteller, called an Arbiter in DreadLore, in addition to 2-6 Players to play.

Goals of DreadLore

  1. Character decisions drive the plot

    Players Bid their Character Traits to change the fiction and move the story forward, whether in defeat or victory. This means that Characters are always effective, even if they fail.
  2. Straight-forward rules

    DreadLore keeps the mechanics light while still allowing for and rewarding tactical and strategic gameplay. A Trait accomplishes a meaningful task; if the task is opposed or particularly difficult, then dice are rolled to see how the task pans out – something happens, even if it is unintentional.
  3. Reward System

    Players are rewarded for playing the Character the way they want to play. Players decide their Goals – reaching them causes the group, and the storyline, to become stronger (Advancement). The process then repeats.