DreadLore System

a very *under-construction* site

What is DreadLore?

DreadLore is a narrative table-top RPG, built around an original Fantasy Punk setting. If you enjoy taking a real role in the creative process of story-telling, and you also wanna roll some dice and kill bad (or good) guys…chances are this is the system for you.

What is a "System"?

Ever heard of a table-top RPG? e.g. Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, Numenera, etc.? DreadLore™ is a similar sort of board game. These games are classified in several ways: table-top, pen & ink, RPG and silly dice games <-- my favorite.

Most systems are comprised of just a few factors. There is usually a Setting (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) and a list of Core Mechanics (how the numbers & math work in the game). Table-top systems also require a Game Master in addition to several Players to play.

Goals of DreadLore

  1. Narrative storytelling with some tasteful crunch. Players and the Arbiter are more focused on storytelling and character decisions and less focused on hyper-complex character building and dice rolling for the biggest numbers.
  2. Social and physical combat are effective, efficient, and fun. Fluidity and symmetry of play so as to avoid clunky number crunching and lengthy (real time) combats.
  3. Keep rules light while still allowing for and rewarding tactical and strategic gameplay.
  4. A system of mechanics that feels free enough that players have the ability to make viable characters of any type, while not so open-ended as to feel ill-defined.
  5. Include an accompanying character sheet that encourages roleplay and characterization